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We have managed over 100 prize events that we have classified into 9 types:


Drawing contests

The simplest competition mechanics, users are invited to register, at the end of the competition, once the participants’ data have been verified, the winners will be drawn.

Contests with jury

Users are invited to participate in the competition by registering and uploading their contribution (UGC). A jury will examine the uploaded contributions and select the winners with a specific ranking.

Skill contests

It is the case of competitions that include an advergame, users, after registration, compare each other in a game mechanic built ad hoc for the type of product. The winners will be the first users in the standings.

Buy and win contests

Users are invited to make a purchase and to upload to the platform, after registering, the proof of purchase which may involve entering the data of the receipt, reading the bar code or a unique code on the pack.

Instagram contests

Together with the customer, a specific hashtag linked to the campaign is identified. Users are invited to upload photos to the Instagram with campaign hashtag and register for the competition. Our platform automatically retrieves all the photos uploaded with the hashtag and validates them if the user is registered in the competition.

Scratch and Win

Instant Win contests

It is the competition for immediate winnings, the user registers and is informed if he has won or not. The competition is run by an algorithm that randomly brings out the winnings. The participation mechanics can be linked to a Scratch and Win.

Concorsi su WhatsApp

SMS and WhatsApp contests

Users who want to participate (eg Instant win) send a message to the mobile number indicated and will receive, again via message, an indication of whether they have won and the procedure to be performed (registration) to validate the win.

Coupon per buono store

Contests with coupon

The user registers on a specific form and receives confirmation of his participation via e-mail and a unique code that allows the user to access a prize that can be sent directly to his home or can be collected in the nearest store.

Home Page test e quiz

Quiz contests

The user participates by releasing his data and answering a series of questions (with a closed answer). It is possible to provide a resulting profile that the user can then share on social media.

Study of the promotional strategy

We analyze the customer’s needs and evaluate the promotional strategy based on the target and the objectives set. All the communication channels, online and offline, are considered in the evaluation in order to guarantee the expected results.

Management of legal practices

Brand and Roses does not only deal with graphics and technological development, but also proposes itself as the contact person for the drafting and filing of the Regulations, the calculation of taxes (VAT and IRPEF) and the involvement of the official public for the certification of the winners.

Graphic and technological development

We design and develop tailor-made products: graphic style, tone of voice and participation mechanics are designed specifically to reach the target audience and maintain consistency with the Brand’s positioning on the market.

Management of users and winners

All our products have a backend to monitor user participation in real time. Brand and Roses regularly updates the partner with detailed reports and, at the end of the event, it takes care of checking the DB and checking the correspondence between declared and actual data (fax request for copy of the identity card).

Delivery of prizes and closing of the contest

The prize event concludes with the awarding of prizes to the winners, Brand and Roses is responsible for providing the prizes and sending them, certifying that they have been delivered and minimizing the time required for this phase.

We deliver traffic to the point of sale

Immagine di store locator

Synergy between online and offline

We strongly believe in Cross Mediality and in particular in the capacity of the digital media to help Brands convey traffic to the point of sale.

The consumer decision-making process has changed, the internet is now the first source of information to which the user turns, in the same way also the retail must renew itself and use new communication tools and resort to new technologies to implement a correct Consumer Activation.

Gadgets, sponsorships, points collected, events, competitions, product trials, coupons, flyers … are all tools that can not only conquer but also retain a customer who is more and more interested in personalized and relevant buying experiences at the point of sale.


Usable by large distribution chains that use the same type of bar code, we develop instant win contests linked to reading the code. On the purchase receipt, we can also display a unique code that the user can then play online on a specific platform.

Tax receipts

Useful to push the sale of products, we link the mechanics of participation to the purchase of a product. The participant must enter the date / code and value of the purchase shown on the receipt in the competition participation form.

Totem negli store

Totems and binders

The possibility is offered to the user to participate directly online by filling in the special form or by filling in any participation forms present in the stores. Online visits can be encouraged to visit the store with a promise to collect a free sample or other bonus.

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