Legal, bureaucratic and accessory aspects of the contests

Brand and Roses, a single point of contact for all activities

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Contests are Promises to the Public, Brand and Roses guarantees security and professionalism in all ancillary, bureaucratic, legal and fiscal activities.


A single point of contact for all activities

Brand and Roses does not deal only with strategy, design and development, but relieves the customer of any activity necessary for the activation of competitions and prize operations.

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Compliance with the italian DPR 430/2001

As requested by the Ministry of Economic Development, we operate in full compliance with Presidential Decree 430/2001 and subsequent amendments governing competitions and prize operations. The professionalism with which we operate is to protect the possible administrative (and criminal) sanctions provided for by the law for those who do not correctly comply with the rules.

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Db management, prizes and logistics

In the management of the competitions the indication of the winners is preceded by a series of activities that we carry out with the utmost care: cleaning of the db by potential competitors, meeting with a public official, verifying documents with registration data, sending prizes to the spectators of law.

Aspetti fiscali e burocratici

Tax aspects (VAT and IRPEF)

Based on the value of the prize and the type of prizes on offer, we provide the partner with tax information (personal income tax, non-deductibility of VAT or substitute tax amount) for payment to the tax authorities. We report the value and timing of payment and any payment adjustments or personal income tax recovery.


Data collection and management

Data collection and management are the most delicate activities in carrying out a prize event. Brand and Roses, in addition to meeting current regulations, pays the utmost attention to these aspects and provides the customer with a complete customer care service.

Registration form and Privacy

We customize the registration fields on specific customer needs and the type of competition, guaranteeing the security of the data collected and adapting the flags to the Privacy Policy based on the use of data that the partner will want to make of it. The customer will have all the data of the users with the relative declarations made by them in terms of Privacy Policy.

Immagine GDPR

Respect of the GDPR

The collection of data requested during registration is implemented in compliance with Italian and European legislation and integrated with the brand’s privacy policy.

SERVER location

As required by the contests regulations, we provide our server located on Italian territory and guarantee its services 24/7.

Interfaccia di backoffice

Access to Backend

All the projects have a Backend with protected access to monitor the trend in real time. These data are then interpreted with those monitored by the Google Analytics tag inserted in the pages.

Content moderation

In the case of competitions with user-uploaded content (UGC) we offer the moderation service of the same, guaranteeing a daily update frequency.

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Brand and Roses develops Digital Gadgets

Supply of prizes and logistics


Whether it’s a fully customized car, a trip with a stay to watch a Champions League final or a perfume, Brand and Roses supports customers in the research, supply and delivery of prizes.

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Premi concorsi

Packaging and shipping

In the case of prizes in movable property we reduce to a minimum the possibility that the winners can receive damaged products with the consequence of having a user not satisfied and having to re-manage the delivery of the prizes with a higher cost to the customer.

Fragile products are carefully packed in cardboard boxes of the appropriate size and with anti-shock filling material. At the customer’s choice, it is also possible to customize the packaging and / or adhesive tape with your own logo.

The products are shipped by Bartolini courier with whom we have a framework agreement that allows us to keep shipping costs low, whether they:

  • With insurance
  • Without insurance

The products are all sent with a return receipt which will be used to certify the awarding of the prize to the winner for the closing of the event.

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Materiali imballaggio
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Contact US

Brand and Roses is available to Agencies and Brands to study objectives and find customized solutions in line with the customer’s Brand Identity.

Awarding of prizes


The awarding of prizes is the most important moment of the competition: the desire of a user who has interacted with the brand is satisfied. Why not share this moment with the network to give further visibility to the brand’s proximity to its fans?

Servizio shooting fotografici

Photo shooting

We support our customers with professional photo shoots and material processing for sharing on various social platforms.

Servizio video shooting

Video shooting

Production and editing of videos with possible production of storyboards and use of appropriate technological material (eg filming from a drone).

Servizio gestione eventi


Through our partner we take care of location research, coordination, catering, hospitality and invitation management.